Dipl. Ing. Christoph Hovenjürgen
Im Friesengärtchen 22
66440 Blieskastel/Germany

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We have been active in the sectors of electrical engineering, merchant shipping, power plant engineering, yacht sales and consulting since 1978.

Dear business friends and partners,
Welcome to the website of Hovenjuergen Engineering.

At the beginning I would like to tell you about my professional career and the resulting development of the company Hovenjuergen Engineering.


After attending the high school of the Marianhill Missionaries in Maria Veen in Germany, I decided in 1978 to go into the electrical engineering trade, since this branch of the profession involves both electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. My three-year apprenticeship at the Neudecker & Jolitz company in Gescher later proved to be a good foundation for the challenges ahead.

After obtaining my technical college entrance qualification in the field of electrical engineering, I worked as a technical officer’s assistant and 2nd technical officer for the Sloman Neptun shipping company in Bremen. Not only did I learn about complex technical ship operations, but my travels also took me through a large part of the world: they went via Europe to South America, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Africa. Worldwide. All seas, with dateline, circumnavigation of the world, Cape Horn, Suez Canal, Strait of Magellan and much more.

After completing my studies in the field of marine operating technology and my diploma thesis at the Wilhelmshaven power plant of the former Preussen Elektra AG, I gained extensive knowledge and experience in German nuclear power plants, first at the Würgassen nuclear power plant of the former Preussen Elektra AG and then later at the Krümmel nuclear power plant of HEW AG on the Elbe River.

One of my tasks was to perform the recurring tests of the safety systems for restarting the plant. Further experience was gained through the operation, maintenance and repair of these plants.

Extensive knowledge in worldwide sales and commissioning of marine and industrial products is added. Special sales experience is available in the areas of large diesel engines, marine automation and safety systems….


Since 1995, we have been advising European companies in Brazil and supporting them in their local business development. We accompany the enterprises in their projects, register enterprises, assist in tax matters and in particular inquire import conditions and import costs for the most diverse products with the import authorities.

We have advised various German companies on their market entry in Brazil and they are still successfully operating there today. On the other hand, our consulting services are requested by Brazilian companies that purchase products and goods in Europe and then want them delivered to Brazil and put into operation.

Among other things, we were involved in the construction of a wine-growing region in Brazil, where we assembled, tested, delivered and commissioned the entire technical fleet in Europe at the request of a Brazilian customer.

Yacht sales

The yacht sales division has existed since 1998, where I first exclusively represented the Sunseeker brand in Brazil and successfully laid the foundation for the English premium yacht manufacturer here. A number of yachts of this brand have been delivered by me to my customers in Brazil. And not only Brazil: my yacht sales and deliveries also went to Spain and Uruguay (Punta del Este, Montevideo), among others.

Today, we specifically deliver yachts from the Italian yacht manufacturer Pershing and yachts from the entire Ferretti Group for our customers worldwide. Our main focus is to advise customers, specify the yachts, deliver the yachts and handle all technical and commercial aspects. After delivery, we will of course take care of any warranty work and the planning and execution of maintenance work.

Power plant projects

The last two power plant projects were the commissioning of the entire cooling water circuit and fire suppression systems at RWE’s Eemshaven power plant in the Netherlands (2x 880 MW) and the commissioning of the cooling water systems and condensate cleaning systems at Siemens’ Beni Suef power plant (4800 MW) in Egypt.

Today we are active in various industries, the main focus being technical commissioning and construction management in the power plant sector as well as yacht sales. Of course, these tasks can not be done alone: today we are a team of specialists working in the field of power plants, yacht sales, yacht consulting, consulting and power plant commissioning.

We would be happy to receive an order from you!

Graduate engineer in the field of marine engineering

Christoph Hovenjürgen