Office in São Paulo

We have been located in the World Trade Center in São Paulo, in the Brooklin Novo district, since 1998.

The district hosts most of the new leading hotels in the city, quick access to Congonhas Municipal Airport, good gastronomy and infrastructure.

Contact partner:
Dr. Luis Eduardo Colella
World Trade Center São Paulo
Av. das Nacoes Unidas, 12.551
Brooklin Novo
São Paulo-Sp

Phone: + 55 (0) 11/3443 7547

Economic potential

Brazil has experienced a steady upswing since the introduction of the so-called “Plano Real” in 1994 and has hardly been set back by the latest international turmoil. A population of about 190 million, with an average age of 70 percent under 30; unimaginable mineral resources and the ever-present optimism of its people drive this country. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and will become one of the top ten industrialized nations in the next 10 years.

German products have earned a not inconsiderable amount of respect in South America. German products are characterized by quality, reliability and timely delivery. The price is accepted. Durability and economy just have their price.

Please forget that Brazil is an “emerging market” and everything must be so cheap there. With about 11 million inhabitants, São Paulo is one of the most expensive cities of the world metropolises and, with the settlement of now about 1300 German enterprises, it is the largest German industrial city outside Germany.

The main reasons for setting up a subsidiary in Brazil are essentially the high Brazilian import duties on almost all imported goods and, of course, the gigantic sales potential. In addition, without a registered company, trademark rights cannot be registered and applied for in Brazil. Many companies are therefore at least on site, even if only with a sales office.

Economic importance of the Sao Paulo region

The São Paulo metropolitan region is not only the country’s leading economic center, but also the largest industrial agglomeration in Latin America and one of the most important industrial Automotive and mechanical engineering, textile, metal and food industries are just some of the industries that have settled in the region. Agricultural products (especially coffee) from the interior are exported through the nearby port of Santos. The city is home to Brazil’s only stock exchange, Bovespa (Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo). It was founded on August 23, 1890 at Rua 15 de Novembro and privatized in 1966. The Bovespa is the largest trading venue for equities in Latin America, with a market share of 70 percent.

Numerous international corporations are represented in São Paulo. Almost all major German companies have a Brazilian branch in the city. Due to the presence of over 1000 German companies with 230,000 employees, São Paulo is known as the “largest German industrial city” based on the number of people employed by these companies. VW and Mercedes-Benz were among the largest industrial employers in Brazil in 2006.

The area surrounding the city now produces about 50 percent of all the country’s cotton, 62 percent of its sugar, 50 percent of all fruit exports and 30 percent of its coffee. São Paulo supplies about 90 percent of Brazil’s motor vehicles, 65 percent of paper and cellulose, and 60 percent of all machinery and tools. However, the city is also responsible for 60 percent of the country’s total energy consumption and is the headquarters of many companies in the Brazilian solar industry. São Paulo handles 33 percent of all Brazil’s exports and 40 percent of all imports. Most of these goods are shipped through the port in Santos.