My professional activity in merchant shipping began in 1982 at the shipping company Sloman Neptun AG in Bremen.

I sailed from 1982 to 1984 as an Assistant Technical Officer on the following ships:

  1. MV Sloman Najade: worldwide voyage with the following ports and countries: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Paranagua, Rio Grande do Sul), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), New Zealand (Auckland), Peru (Lima), Chile (Valparaiso). With the container ship Sloman Najade we went around the world with International Date Line, Cape Horn and also once passing the Strait of Magellan.
  1. MV Zetagas: worldwide voyage with mainly European ports, but also to Singapore and through the Suez Canal back to Europe.
  1. MV Prospekta: worldwide voyage, but here under charter from Prakla Seismos for measurement voyages in the North Sea.

Subsequent voyages were completed after graduation as 2nd Technical Officer for both Sloman Neptun AG and Reederei Oltman in Fredenbeck: worldwide voyage to Africa, Caribbean, Canada and USA.

Today, we advise especially producers in automation technology for ship and yacht applications, safety systems as well as producers for yacht and large diesel engines.


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